We all want a carpet on your floor, as they are more comfortable, warming, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes compared to the other flooring materials. Also, having in our home offers different advantages when it comes to maintenance. Cleaning your carpet is easy; you just need to have some regular vacuum and a good habit of cleaning the stains whenever there you see some carpet stain removal has never been easy especially when there are also companies that offer cheaper cleaning services wherever you are. 

Here, we give you some effective hacks that can save you a great time cleaning and maintaining your carpet. 

1.Use a lint roller 

There are some instances where you feel that no matter how hard you clean the surface there are still some crumbs and dirt left on the carpet. This is probably because your carpet has longer fabrics which makes it difficult for the vacuum cleaner to reach the deeper surface.  

You can rest from this worry by using a lint roller to clean those problematic areas and put elbow grease to collect all the particles in the deeper surface. Remember that as a rule of thumb, you should t let leave more than five minutes, although it depends on the type of carpet you have.  

2.Use a squeegee to remove pet hair 

Your lint roller and your vacuum cleaner might not the efficient equipment to use when removing pet hair as they can spread all over the carpet and can be difficult for the vacuum to clean. To remove them, you can just use your squeegee although it is intended for windows. It is very effective in removing gunk and other substances that form thin layers on the material’s surface such as your pet’s hair. 

3.Don’t rub; just blot 

The reason for us recommending to not rub whenever you see some stains on your carpet is that rubbing can spread the stains on the clean part of the carpet, and this will lead to permanent stains no matter what cleaning detergent you use. To avoid this, remove the stains by blotting a piece of clean cloth with detergent or cleaning solution. This will wash the stain away while preventing it from staining further.  

4. Use baking soda for cleaning 

For oil – oil substance is a very annoying thing to remove from a carpet. To remove oil residues, apply liberally on the stained area and leave it for hours before vacuuming the area. After all the oil has been absorbed, you can now dab the remaining stains with a cloth soaked in a cleaning solution.  

Pet urine – baking soda can absorb and remove away stains as well as odor. Putting some baking soda on your pet’s urine can be a lifesaver you.  

5. Use an ice cube to fluff your carpet 

Restore your carpet from a dented impression caused by heavy furniture by putting ice to it, letting it melt, and dry with a towel. You will notice that it will become fluffy when it dries.  

Final thoughts 

you can never beat the skills and cleaning performance of professional carpet cleaners. However, you can do some effective trick to at least clean the stains away while you wait for the next carpet cleaning schedule.